{….File Control Accessed …}

{….Adeptus Obscuros Rank Acknowledged….}

{….Ultraviolet Obscuros Encryption Enabled….}

{….File Override Permitted….}

{….Machine Spirit Appeased….}

{….Chamber Litanies Active….}

{….Astropath Transcriber Waiting….}

{….May the Emperor’s Blessing Shine on you High Lord Inquisitor….}

Brother Inquisitors of our great and hidden conclave, the time is at hand for our plans.

The Emperor, in his Infinite Wisdom and Blessings, was correct in his predictions.

The Hadax Anomoly has begun to change and grow.

The Archenemy has begun to move, to mobilize it’s corruption.

The First move will occur in the Helix Expanse within the Shield Stars of Segmentum Obscurus.

The Hive of Metallus Secondus will Fall to the Ruinous Powers.

Inquisitor Delark, Gather the next Conclave team and get them trained.

Inquisitor Preatuch, Assemble a Guard Regiment, make sure to Break and Rebuild them.

Inquisitor Treabalt, Contact the Deathwatch have them Activate the Watchers of the Occulum.

Inquisitor Kewleb, Gather your Personal Cadre and Secure a section of the Hive.

Inquisitor Reinlo, Once the Conclave team recovers the Lost Grey Relics, Cleanse the Hive.

Inquistior Quartal, Contact the Dynasties of the Shield Stars, Make the offer.

Gather your Acolytes, and begin the Primary Modus that each of you was given.

Once Complete Modus Secundus will follow after next contact.

Blessings of the Emperor to each of you, These missions are of Terminus Caliber.

Any failure could lead to the collapse of our Holy Imperium.

Only the actions of the Holy Ordos combined will be enough.

Praised Be the Emperor, may He watch over each of you Eternally.

{….Astropath Transcribing Complete….}

{….Astropath Given Grandest Blessing….}

{….Machine Spirit Made Dormant….}

{….Destruction Order Issued….}

{….Praise to the Emperor….}

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Apertiro Secundo Occularum

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